Google Play Music App yorumlar

I love it




Ca bug

Mise a jour pliz Ca rame grave

Play Musik

100% Google.


Einmal Play Musik, immer Play Musik!



I like it better then other services

320kbps and ad free YouTube without Adblock, much better then Apple Music or Spotify. Hopefully google puts some advertising into the service instead of migrating to yt music


For some reason I can't see the recommended playlists and stations when using the app? I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it didn't work...


After the last couple of updates this app has been causing a glitch on my iPhone. When a advertisement plays, it opens Safari linking to a Geico advertisement page, and then stops playing music. Then my iPhone won’t respond to any button pushes until after pushing several buttons and after 10-15 seconds later. What gives???

Love it!

I just wish that the app interface would be different, I mean full square album art!

Так и не вошла...

Бесполезное приложение. Так и не дало ни войти с имеющимся эккаунтом, ни с новым созданным. Потрачено 2 часа времени. Удалено в итоге. Работайте над глюками.

I can’t listen to just songs it has to be a radio

I’ll look up a song and it will take me to radios and YouTube links! Why can I just listen to a song? Is that so much to ask? It’s annoying and I hope they fix that!

Me gusta

Esta muy buena

Can’t delete a song

This app will not let me delete the song congratulations by Post Malone. As soon as I do it pops right back up on my library. A fix to this would be much appreciated

Stopped working

It used to be good then it glitches and I lost all my play list and it won't let me play any songs. Please fix this.

The best music app

I literally listen to this all day at work and I love it!! Keeps playing good music all the time!

Keeps messing up

I like google play music because you get YouTube ad free which makes it the best value for a music service. But the app keeps messing up. My thumbs up songs keep disappearing when I download the playlist and I keep having an issue where it won’t connect to my chrome cast or google audio. Upsetting. The only way to fix it is to delete the app and download it again. Annoying and they really need to make a better app and fix these issues

Just make the user interface cleaner please!!

I wish the UI was better. Plenty of music and I get this free with YouTube red makes google play music a no brainer!!!

Great but problems thumbs upping songs

Love it. One problem I have is a delay at times when I try to thumbs up a song. I can’t tell if it worked or not. Sometimes I select wait select again and again, probably unselecting unintentionally. I’m sure it’s related to my phone service, but it would be helpful if the app immediately recognized that I thumbed up the song and sent it out when service is re-established.


The app will freeze and sometimes will continue play or just stop working.

Needs song recognition

I’m an avid user of the app and am very pleased with it but I recently switched over to iPhone and am upset to see that the app has no song recognition for IPhones. That and it takes allot longer for my songs to be added to the recently added playlists. These are just some things to the product that made it great. It would be nice to see these updates.

Very buggy

I had been using google play music on android for years and it was also fairly buggy with not being able to play songs. I like the ability to have youtube red and google play subscription. Now I have an iPhone 8 and this app is so buggy, compared to Apple Music, when streaming over cellular network google play music will get stuck loading and I can load up apple music and play songs without any problems usually under the same network signal and circumstances. That’s my main issue, also google play music constantly can’t play songs unless you hit try again about 10 times. So untill all these bugs are fixed I guess I’ll resort to apple music but I will miss youtube red mostly :(

Really Google?

So I have to pay to listen to music now? I mean even the downloaded music doesn’t work without a payment. Today I realized nothing is truly free. Thanks a lot google. P.S. I don’t charge you to listen to Me. #Woke

Where did my 200+ songs go?

Generally speaking, i love this app. I really do. One day i went on the app to listen to my music and one of my playlists simply disappeared. The second playlist with 210 songs is a bit different. The actual playlist is there, all the songs are gone. Another problem is that when i tried to add songs to a playlist, the actual songs wouldn’t appear but the album radio thingy will be there. Im really upset about this.

GREAT but BUGS ruin the whole thing.

This is a great music app and I choose it over Apple Music. The organization is great and it’s easy to use. Sound quality is better than Apple Music in a lot of cases. HOWEVER, this thing is so buggy. It’ll lag and crash. Half of the time the “now playing” won’t even show up. Then the whole notification to control the music goes away and then it crashes. It had stability issues and making me consider going back to Apple Music because of this. The stability really needs some help.

Glitchy, inconsistent

I am very disappointed with this app. What’s worse, is that for all the problems it has- it costs money. First and foremost, the selection of music lacks the depth of other music streaming services. This app doesn’t always work and will sometimes say ‘Can’t play right now. Try again later.’ This occurs several times a week. In general the app functions are slow, glitchy and unpredictable. 1/5 don’t waste your money.

Much better than iTunes

Wayyyyyy better

Radio isn’t working

This has been a very reliable source of music for many years so far. But recently none of my radios haven’t been working. And only saying that the radio is unable to play. If you can please fix this that will be great. And yes I’m using strong WiFi. Could it be an internet issue? Please let me know

Agree with Disrupter2010

Plays fine when working properly. Have to reboot the app often to make it appear in my CarPlay upper screen; I’m using an IPhone SE 128 GB


I have had this app for awhile now and never had any issues with it. It some how logged me out of my account and every time I try to log back in it says “Can’t sign in.” Its incredibly frustrating and I’ve tried literally everything to get it to work and no luck.

Neat App

I can’t make any playlists in free user subscription


I have tried ALL the major streaming services and Google Play Music SMOKES em all ! I’ve read a few of these so-called reviews, and I just don’t get these 1-2 star ratings... Either you are freakin’ clueless as to how to properly operate this app or it’s all lies...two options folks.. I have ZERO complaints!! Excellent stream quality, intuitive controls, ultra deep library, just great.


Suggested garbage rap genre over and over again despite what I downvotes and upvoted, searches, followed/subscribed etc. I also hate seeing Kanye every time I open the app. How about a little more customization on the app launch. Delete

Please fix !

Great database but so so buggy, freezes constantly, music stops and starts after minimizing the app to use other apps. Can’t even scroll or change the song without it lagging and getting stuck. If it weren’t for the rates and huge database I would not be using this app nor would I recommend it. Please please fix these bugs I can’t wait until it flows smoothly

App keeps crashing

No good

Bluetooth Devices

Option to connect with Bluetooth devices not showing. Would like to cast on google Home from app given the option (iOS 11.4 on iPhone 6s)

Very poor effort by Google

This is by far the most unreliable app on my iPhone. The app crashes constantly, randomly stops playback, crashes Apple car play, incorrectly labels playlists and causes general instability across my entire device when it is running. It needs major bug fixes for all of the same reasons that everyone else has already listed. If these bugs aren’t fixed soon Google will be losing a paid family streaming account.

no duplicates option

Add a no duplicate song option for Playlist!

Feels sluggish and janky

Stutters a lot in the UI, and pauses for no reason way to often.

It works wonderfully

Good to use

Not one I want.

This app I deleted off my phone. I got this app so I could stream my music offline. I was going on a trip, the trip was about a two hour long ride. I downloaded the app to stream my music, and I searched up a song I liked. The problem was I went under all categories I could find and couldn’t fine my music. All I could find was radio stations. I found this app from my friend who owns a Samsung and already had this app on her phone. I own a IPhone 6+ and decided that I would try this app. It sounded good because my friend and I would listen to the music together. The music played fine and she had tons of music on there. That is why I downloaded it. I don’t have the app anymore. I am going to try the app again, but I’m sure it still won’t work. Still a great app for Samsung’s.

Fix with CarPlay

Switching to AppleMusic because of the bugs.

This app needs some additional features

Having come from an Android phone and having used Play Music for some years on both iOS and Android, I can say that the Android version of this app is significantly better. I expect it to be better but there are some features missing here that would make this a 5 star app. 1) Add the ability to search for songs that are playing from the search bar 2) Add the ability to re-order playlists from the app, using force touch or the three line button similar to the Android app Currently there is no way to move songs up and down the queue in this app, which is frustrating to no end. Also the inability to search from the app and add a song I’m hearing on the radio or at a restaurant from the audio search would be wonderful. Add these two features and it’s a five star app. If they’re not added in the next few months, I’ll probably switch to Apple’s music streaming service, even though I have years of playlists and liked songs in Play Music. So please add these!

Best Service

Started using GPM after getting a Google Home for Christmas and switched everything over on all my devices. Don’t was you time and money on any of the other services especially if you go google through your whole home like it did.


Great content, constantly crashing on iPad

Love this app but skips every session

I don't know whats the deal but this is the only music app I used that will stop like its buffering while Im listening to it

Good not great

Google tends to produce vanilla apps with vanilla interfaces. Good not great, not enough advanced features or choices. Quick queue? Better scrubbing? Visualizer? Play local audio? Etc. I expect a bit more.

Riddled with bugs, and now an app breaking one!

Good service and good ideas, but it’s incredible how a multi-billion dollar software company is releasing apps with such hilariously stupid bugs. None of my albums have ANY artwork unless I stream, which I don’t do. Even the ones I download off of GPM since I’m a subscriber. Oh and now as of May 29, turning off my screen while playing music causes the app to stop playing sound (but keeps the track going???) It’s essentially useless now without some stupid workarounds that nobody ought to do. What an absolute mess. Can’t believe they got this through QA. Please fix this, or I’m figuring out how I can move my library to another service with better QA.

Needs an EQ!!! NOW!!

I've been a subscriber to "All Access" on Android and iOS since this was in beta, which means I've been using this system for a long time and also get the subscription at a discount. The service is good and I really have no complaints over that, but on iOS it NEEDS an equalizer implemented, just like it has on almost every single Android device. I know people have been asking for this feature for a long, long time (years.. literally) and you guys update frequently, but somehow can never seem to add a simple EQ?! This issue alone is making me consider leaving the platform and going to another service because Google, you simply DO NOT listen to your user base!!

Good service worts app

The app not works, I can’t use. No sirve la app no se puede usar me pase de Spotify pero me arrepiento

Google play

Best app ever

Terrible with CarPlay

Absolutely terrible when using CarPlay. Freezes the app, causes CarPlay to be unresponsive. Fix it or remove CarPlay integration.

Gets popular music later... also bugs

Don’t like that I can’t listen to Kanye’s new album with the subscriber account. What am I paying for?! It’s on Spotify and Apple Music already. Step it up google. Also experienced some bugs in which I couldn’t stop a song from replaying.

Needs fix

Great app! But amazing how sometimes when I’m playing music that’s downloaded to my phone, and it lags

Best music app.

Excellent selection on hip hop, rnb and reggae. Love the options feature too. Great price $10 unlimited skips and I get google music videos too.

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