Google Play Music App yorumlar

I love it




Ca bug

Mise a jour pliz Ca rame grave

Play Musik

100% Google.


Einmal Play Musik, immer Play Musik!



Very disappointed

I have been a paid subscriber for couple of years or more. I am really disappointed about 2 things. One the minimal options for genres like Rock and metal, that keeps getting limited and two, of you stop using the service, you don’t get access to your playlists. I feel cheated because I have been paying all these years and curating my playlist but if I switch I can’t even get access to this playlist? Come on. I’m not trying to download and take the music, I just need the list of songs that I liked over the years. Is this too much to ask?

Lacks podcast, lacks filters, it just lacks

Can’t listen to my podcast subscriptions on here. Can’t filter new releases. Other genres are formed on you. Tidal and twitch is looking good right now. Who needs free YouTube.


Google play music is ver temperamental. I often cannot stream music even if it is “downloaded for offline streaming” which was a problem for an international flight last month. I’ve been paying for premium for 5 years and until now it’s been smooth.

Doesn’t work

I tried downloading it and opened it and it didn’t work. Fix ur app

My all time favorite music player app

I absolutely love this music player. I’ve been using it for years. It’s the only music player that I can put literally any song that I download on it. It can hold up to 50,000 songs, which is incredible because I have so many songs that I want to download but other music players just don’t hold more than 100. The only thing is I wish that the shuffler was better. I have so many songs on it, yet I still feel like it repeats songs over and over again. I’ve had some songs on the app for awhile that it has never played once and others that it has played like 10 times. The app overall is amazing. I just hope they can fix the shuffling problem.

New releases not able to sort by genre

I’ve been paying for this service for years now. But I need to know why you removed the ability to view new releases by genre? Am I missing something? I’ve looked thoroughly through the app and can’t seem to find it. Help! I would rather view a list of new albums from one genre like rock or edm instead of seeing albums in a genre I have no interest in. Please identify this is a necessary inclusion to the app. I’m close to canceling my subscription due to this.

So buggy!!!!

Lately I’ve been having a lot of issues with the app glitching or lagging and even in one instance, speeding my music up???? I love this app and the music it provides I just need it to be fixed!!!!!!!


Thank you

Awesome app but...

This app needs to step their game up by adding lyrics to every song. Apple Music and all other apps do it, so that would a great update for the app. Also, if they can let iPhone users update their account settings on iPhone that would be awesome too. Just those two hiccups.

Love, love, love!!

I had this app on my phone, on my iPhone, while it was still in iOS app. Don’t ask me to remember the name of the app, I just remember receiving an email that it was going to be Google play as of January 1 and again don’t ask me what year it was either😊 I love the way Google play place through my speakers, while I’m in the car. I have a 2006 Honda Civic, so as you can imagine some of my speakers don’t work. But listening to this app, instead of fruit named applications, Google play definitely takes the cake. The only thing I would change is that, if you would just start the radio station with the person, persons, group, act whatever.... start the song someone is REQUESTING FIRST. They are requesting that SONG that particular TIME and for a PARTICULAR REASON (NEEDED it THEN)and most of the time, they don’t even get to hear the song the request that started the station.....!And that is a BUMMER!!

Half-baked, needs an overhaul.

I love this service, and the attractive subscription model with YouTube Red. I love the fact that I can upload my library to the cloud and have it anywhere with me. Small things that get annoying: • UI needs a facelift. This real outdated layout on the Now Playing screen zooms in to fit the center of the artwork into the vertical layout of the screen. Why even display artwork at that point? The controls could use a little space, or you could add more options down there if you simply made the artwork a standard square. • Search bar is real dumb. The recent search terms that come up are titles and names I looked up once months ago. What’s the point of that? • Even if an album or playlist is offlined, the app will fail to load it in a low coverage area, or even if the app is set to Downloaded Only. Why even have the option to download or display only downloaded music if we can only sometimes access it in low coverage? Tiny little updates could make this app even better than Spotify but lack of attention to detail is holding this app back.

What is going on?

Every since today, it won’t let me choose he songs that I have been listening to or search up songs anymore. I have to listen to the radio station/playlist which I do not want to do. The app makes you listen to songs you don’t want to, despite to me having a playlist already made that now does not work. I don’t know what’s going on, but this need to be the way it was before.

Playlist problem

Whenever I want to delete a song from my playlist instead of deleting the song that i clicked on it deletes the song above it.

Astroworld doesn't play

All songs work until a song from astroworld starts playing. It says "try again later" when the songs try to play.

If Youtube Music didn't come with the service, it'd rated this 3 Stars

I'm sorta confused by Google's music licensing, like most of the music I wanna listen to is on the app, but if there's an album not listed I just switch to Youtube Music. Then I'd run into the same problem with Youtube music, where I switch back to Google Play for some other random album. It's alright I guess, but until I don't have to switch between to apps: 4 stars

Used to be a good app, but now contains bug after bug

This app has great aesthetics, is really easy to navigate, and has all the music you want. However, if I try and skip more than two songs, the icon on my lock screen disappears, and I have to unlock my phone and open the app, click “try again” and then skip the song. Terribly inconvenient. If someone else is sharing your account, aka you’re using more than one of your allowed 6 devices, then the app will pause and give an error message. Imagine losing music in the middle of your workout just because your family member wanted to hear some Lil Uzi. Very frustrating.

Good service, but CarPlay doesn’t work well

The music service is great and works well with google home , but this app works poorly with CarPlay as noted by others which can be dangerous on the road. It frequently freezes the now playing screen with CarPlay. Also, it causes Siri to stop accepting commands. This behavior has been observed on at least two different cars with CarPlay and updated iOS. I’ve waited patiently for months and this hasn’t been addressed - this is a paid service and really should be fixed.

App works great but ....

It seems like a problem syncing my private songs to iPhone X and can’t share private songs. All songs work great in the Play Music app of the iMac.

A great service

This is a great service with a decent app. Please add the ability to control music via apple watch. It doesn't need to play it, just let me skip songs please.

Nice App

The music on here is quite pleasing from my favorite pop songs, to my favorite country hits! One thing that I suggest that they can fix is to jumble up the songs a bit, cause when I play stations, it all the same songs over and over again. Other than that I recommend it to my fellow music lovers out there

It’s bugging out at the moment

Only 2 stars because it’s started bugging out and will only play 10 seconds of music, then pause, and close itself. I’ve had this app for a year on android and recently moved to Apple and it just started this morning. Please fix

It would have 5 stars

But it seems like every other update they always take away the menu to specify which category you want to listen to under New Releases.

Can’t delete from playlist

I hate how it won’t let me delete a song from my playlist. It just reappears I am about to try Spotify after having google music for 5 years. I switched to I phone and doesn’t work as good.

Doesn't sync

When I add music to any of my other devices on thumbs up they have Spectrum what I added except this device.

Carplay needs update

Need yo update Carplay features. While I can shuffle my playlists and albums on the app, on Carplay the same feature isn't available. It needs to be available on it. As well as the replay mode. Both features are available on the app but not on Carplay. Please update and make it work. Also add the home tab as well and search too.

What Happened

I used to love this service until they took away the ability to sort the New Releases by Genre. I end up having to go to Apple Music to see what is new in Blues, Jazz, Classical and Rock. Asking myself, “If I have to go to Apple to find New Release sort why don’t I just cancel my Family Plan with Google subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify?” Very disappointed. Update: Now the app keeps crashing. Hello Spotify.

Many issues

Has some issues with saving playlists when you switch devices. I’ve lost some really valued music because it didn’t upload the playlists. The app hasn’t received a significant update in years and it seems like with every other app google is really resting on their laurels and haven’t made any significant improvements in a long time. The download music progress is very slow. Some of the buttons won’t show up when you go into certain screens on the iPhone. The button to go back disappears. It definitely works better on android but even there it doesn’t upload playlists. So they can be synced later. I have a bunch of empty playlists from old devices. I would have loved to keep that music. Very disappointing. It does have a large selection of music and does a good job at playing it most of be time with no hiccups. Some hiccups though. Not error free. Definitely somewhat dated at this point.

Works well with one exception

I have about 4000 songs and the desktop works ok but one particular song will not download to my phone and I have tried the album, adding to a playlist, etc.


I like it a lot it work very well and does what is supposed to do but why can I listen to music without Internet or download it for free what’s up with that

Better playlists

The playlists need to be much better

New Releases by genre abolished.

Why in the world would you get rid of the option to search new releases by genre? This makes it incredibly painful to discover new releases, except for the ones the app suggests. Very suspicious.

Google Fan boy but...

I love google I got chrome cast and google WAP’s installed in my house. I used to also love the music app until they decided to remove the genre selection from new releases! Dude, it was working before an update and now it’s disappeared. I don’t get why a NEW update would remove a key feature. Now you get a tsunami of “new” music, which is whatever is “hot”. Expect to see drake and Tyler swift as “new” for the next 6 months. Google I love you but you’ve changed, for the worse. 🤦‍♂️😢

Need new release by genre

This is my only music app. Generally makes me happy except on Fridays. Why did you guys get rid of the pull down on “new releases” page? I like to find new releases by genre. Now I’m just stuck with whatever you think I want to listen to. Not cool.

App gets releases wayyyy later than the actual website

Astroworld is out on Google Play itself but when i search the app it’s not there. When you open it on safari there’s no option or link to go to the album on the app.

Won’t play my downloaded music

I can’t play any of my downloaded music I pay for this app please fix

Great library and quality, but WHY CROP THE ALBUM ARTWORK?!

I love the app. The steaming quality is noticeably higher than Spotify. But HOLY CRAP. Who was the idiot app designer that decided its customers would appreciate the album artwork being significantly cropped in the “now playing” view. It is the worst. I love appreciating album artwork when I listen to music, but there is no way in this app to view it at an optimal size. It’s either in the cropped view, where about 40% of the image is cropped out, or on the teeny-tiny thumbnail. It’s so stupid. Google has so much money to develop the user interfaces of their otherwise-wonderful apps, and yet there are so many stupid, poorly designed details like this one in all of their apps. It’s ridiculous. At the very least Google, please fix this album artwork issue. ❤️

Плохо -1

Много рекламы не возможно слушать музыку . И вы этим продуктам довольны

I love this app

I love this app

Needs a better radio algorithm

Good selection of music. Plus you get YouTube Red. Only problem, it doesn't differentiate the stations and likes and dislikes so if you like a lot of rock and then want a dance station, you'll get rock mixed in too.

Buggy app

App is very buggy. Doesn’t even scroll properly, audio playback issues. Switching to a different service.

Severe bugs!!!

This app is a joke. If I make a playlist with more than 1 Album in it the app will constantly say “can’t play right now” when I try to play a song. And there’s nothing more frustrating than to have spent a whole hour or more editing my playlists (deleting or changing the list order of songs) just to come back later and have none of my changes saved. What the hell google?!?

Music Roulette

I like all the music and the ability to make playlists but it’s really not all that special when you consider this app’s downfalls. As I said in the title, it’s like playing music roulette. You never know when the app is going to crash and leave you belting off key in the middle of the song alone. If this one thing was fixed I would be a happy camper.


I used to love this app and then they removed the download all feature for songs. However by far the worst part is that they straight up remove songs from your library without warning. This isn’t something that should be happening to PAYING customers. The only saving grace is that it comes with youtubeRed. Not sure if thats enough to makeup for its shortcomings.

Shazam problem

Evertime I try and play something from Shazam it says cant play right now try later


I really like this app

Fake News crash reports...

Why is this app asking EVERY time I login for me to allow anonymous crash reports with no option for me to say NO?! Google Fix This! No my app hasn’t crashed and NO I don’t want to allow you to send my information anonymously! Give me at least the option to say No and don’t ask again!

Random Deletion of music and playlists

Great music selection but don’t rely on the app to keep your playlists safe from being deleted. Thank. Also, any music you add to your library is at risk of deletion. Twice my playlists and most of my music is deleted when clearing cookies on my iPhone. In addition, Google Play does not sync between devices which has also been a reason for the deletion of my music and playlists.

Worst Music Player

I have tried apple music, amazon prime music, and now google play music, and it is by far the worst experience out of all three. I run them on an iPhone 6 and I realize that it is an older device, but neither of the other two services had any issues doing the basic function of playing an audio file. Even when I close all applications from the background, turn off background app updates, and then refreshing my RAM, this music player manages to be buggy, clunky, and laggy. Scrolling through my music selection of currently 80 songs is super laggy and occasionally makes an unintended selection. Pressing play on a song or album takes a good 4 seconds to begin playing, and if I leave the app while the music is playing it skips. The whole experience of selecting and playing music is not enjoyable.

Constant crashes

iPhone X user here and this app crashes on me at least twice a day on average. Only listen to music for two or three hours a day so this probably crashes way more often if I’d use it more

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