Google Play Music App yorumlar

I love it




Ca bug

Mise a jour pliz Ca rame grave

Play Musik

100% Google.


Einmal Play Musik, immer Play Musik!

No sirve para nada

Tengo problemas con la cuenta. La tengo pero no me deja entrar. No se porqué

I love it but

I love this app for music but when you go to a specific artist, sometimes I want to listen to all there music not just their top songs or one album it would be nice if we had an option to shuffle all of the artists songs. But other than that it is great!

I'm impressed by how broken this app is

Try sorting a playlist... extremely basic functionality fail.

Se puede mejorar...

Se puede mejorar.. Falta contenido de munchos Artistas.. La última versión no le funciona la opción de compartir... Ordenar los Álbumes cronológicamente... Falta información de los Álbumes.. Galerías. Como si estuvieras viendo el cuadernillo del CD.

Playlist deleting itself

I'm having the issue my Playlist keeps deleting itself and I have to Uninstall and then reinstall the app to get everything back this happens 3-4 times a week it's very frustrating especially since we are paying subscribers please help!

Switched to iOS and now I have problems

I recently switched from android to iOS and google play music seems to lose my thumbs up playlist once a week or more. I have to uninstall the app and the reinstall and then download all my songs again 🙄🙄🙄🙄 this is becoming very frustrating

They want my credit card

Application not works without money!

I love it

One of the reasons I wouldn’t leave android So many of my own personal recordings in my own library

This product is a shame to google

I've been a big fan of Google, I use all their products over other companies, like Google maps, hangouts and all of their products, but this app somehow is not developed properly it keeps on freezing and crashing. Google please get to the bottom of it.

Needs an update

It seems Google has abandoned this app. I can’t recommend it anymore.

Great app for music

I like it good music

Good app but compatible with apple carplay is broken

I love Google play music but the fact that it is completely broken on Apple carplay after only working for a week really kills it for me. It would really be awesome to get some kinda Apple watch support. If you just use it on the phone it's fine. Please fix the carplay compatibility!


Spotify, but does the job

Great app

I love this app because I can download my favorite songs and listen to them offline



Great app but???

This app is great when I want to listen to different genre and artists. I wish this had built lyrics so that any could sing along with their favorite songs. This is a feature that other music apps have, like amazon music, that google music does not have.

Good stuff

Real good stiss

Buggy, unstable and almost unusable

1) At random point some song disappear 2) Sometimes during playback on google homes application become unresponsive or even crash 3) Sometimes with no reason fails to connect to google home 4) Shared link from google music app open google music web page through web view instead of opening google music application (sick!) 5) “share song” functionality does not work anymore (SICK!!!) 6) Multiple problems with regaining access to google music after failed automatic subscription renewal. Basically if you had not enough money on your card for auto renewal and subscription canceled - you unable to renew it through application 7) on lock screen volume buttons does not control sound level during playback on google home devices Application broken in multiple places in multiple ways and feels like google does not want customers to use it anymore

I don’t wanna pay anymore

Why is it so complicated to find where I can unsubscribe to google play. This is so annoying they shouldn’t hide the unsubscribe button making us search for it with fbi skills. I’m not an fbi so keep things simple.


I have had nothing but problems with this garbage app. I’m so disappointed with google. 80% of the time the albums won’t download, or they just download 2 or 3 of the songs. App crashes quite often. The big one is I download music when home and then listen to them out in the field. It stores music in the DOWNLOADED ONLY and didn’t download them. It then streams the songs and kills my data. So when you play download it only music it’s still streams music. Just garbage.

No personality.

How is it that we are in 2018 going into 2019, and there’s still no playback feature for the play music in Apple CarPlay. Never mind the fact that this app doesn’t work half the time when using it for CarPlay. Pitiful app definitely far from googles best work. Now let’s see if they do any update with this information.

Awesome for music

Well I’ve always loved using google play music to fulfill my music addiction, but within the last seventy-eight hours I’m not so sure anymore. The reason I say that it is because the app is closing out of itself without me wanting it to. Along with pausing and play at random times like it’s trying to buffer, but it isn’t buffering.

Fails when in poor cell area on downloaded music

No reason why it should stop playing downloaded albums and stations when in bad cell areas. Please fix it.


Can’t remove a track from my Queue without the app crashing. If I add a track via "Play Next" it drops the track to the top of the Queue, not after the currently playing track. Things I'm used to doing on the Pixel 2 XL.

Lots of storage, but overall trash

Preface: I’m using an iPhone 6 with the latest updates. Pros: 1. Up to 50,000 songs can be uploaded Cons: 1. Whenever the network is unstable, the songs stutter, even when they’ve been downloaded for offline use. (Why isn’t this more like Spotify’s download for offline use, which is a really great thing?) 2. Albums show up more than once in the album view, even though they are treated as one album. I’ve tried all the various “fixes” to solve this problem, but none have worked. 3. I wish there was a cleaner way to organize by Artist or Genre. It’s unnecessary to have a category for “Anime,” “Anime; Soundtrack,” and “Soundtrack.” Why can’t “Anime; Soundtrack” be registered in both genres? And why can’t it parse multiple artists’ names to put the songs under each artist’s name? tl;dr - I’ve got a lot of complaints and Google needs to SERIOUSLY fix this app. I’m still gonna use the app, but not a lot.


I really don’t understand how google music is not number one in the music category. I love the layout of google play music and all the music is easy to acess.

Why aren’t podcasts available

Podcasts shoud be available on this app. I would rate higher if they were.

Could be slightly better

Please please please fix the bug that shows the same album more than once when viewing my library. This problem has existed as long as I can remember. It shouldn't be that hard to iron out. Otherwise, it's a really good app that gives me access to my entire music library anywhere I go. 10/8/18 update: My older issue still stands. This should be an easy fix, Google? Also, recently I’ve noticed a couple more bugs. 1) when I’m playing music in my car via the AUX cable and then unplug it the music will keep playing. Before it would stop completely. Please fix! 2) Occasionally music will stop playing out of nowhere and I have to pick up my phone and press play again, but it continues to happen. And this is with downloaded music to my phone so this has nothing to do with my cellular connection.


Love it

Horribly optimized

Over all play music is PASSABLE, but not good at all compared to the multiple options available on iPhone/apple products. They’ve had the same interface since I had my iPhone 6, they have yet to revise the app for stability improvements even though they claim they do with every update, my screen still stutters and freaks when I scroll too fast in any situation on this app, the search button/top region of playlists seems to glitch every time.. I mean come on google, it’s time for a complete redo of this app. Your competitors seem to have way better functioning music streaming apps and the only thing that’s keeping me from switching is that I don’t have to watch a handful of blistering ads on YouTube when I pay for play music. Problem is that the app is starting to become TOO outdated. Might still switch, we’ll see.

Still VERY Buggy and Even Slower than B4

Google Play Music app is extremely SLOW!!!! This is one of Google’s Redheaded Stepchild, because they obviously do not care about this IOS app. If they did, we would see more updates and a much improved app. I know that this iPad can handle the heavy load from this app, because I have other super heavy apps that don’t miss a beat. BEWARE: If you have to re-sign into google on your iOS, Google Play Music will delete all of your downloaded music and your Google Play Music library will be GONE! : (

Playlists NEED to be fixed

Google play music has it’s fair share of bugs, but the worst is the way that playlists function or maybe it is how they are stored. I think the problem is introduced when you make a playlist, then want to change the order of the playlist. It makes it so if you are casting to a google home, it won’t be able to play most if not all the playlist, and if you want to delete songs it will not delete the one you think. I am not sure how you guys are making your playlist objects, but there is clearly some very broken code there. This problem has always been there, and I keep thinking it will eventually just get fixed, but maybe you guys really don’t know about it.


I love this app, until today when my music started cutting in and out. I reset my radio & phone, as well as uninstalled the app & reinstalled it.

Great overall but issue w/ Downloaded Only

To the team at Google play music, When I'm in downloaded only mode and want to view by Albums please only show fully downloaded albums. Everything else can be down under Songs. Having to sift through all those albums that aren't actually there is really annoying. Please. Thank you.

Can’t delete anything

Anytime I try removing a song from a playlist is pops right back after deleting. Has been an ongoing issue for over a year. Updates don’t fix it. Recently reset my phone, didn’t fix. Happens with my android tablet as well.

A lot of downfalls

Maybe it’s just because it’s on iPhone vs Android. It’s very glitchy and laggy. Sometimes if you delete a song, the one above or below it will delete instead. The album art is low quality and stretched, so you can’t see the full album photo at once. The track name doesn’t marquee, so good luck trying to figure it out without googling it if it’s long. There’s no obvious indication that something is in your library if it’s not downloaded to your phone. The search bar doesn’t show recent history. It seems to just show your searches at random. No lyrics. If you go to your library, or search your library, it will never just show you what’s in your library, or what’s downloaded. It just gives all results. Music in “your library” will just be at the very bottom of whatever search you are in. There is an easy to access “Downloaded Only” option tho. Update: honestly I can’t stand GPM. It is complete garbage. No notifications about new music. If you are trying to find new music, good luck without typing it in word for word. Sometimes it won’t show up on the artist profile. New songs are out on individual albums instead of on one. You won’t be able to view inactive track names like you would on  music or literally anything else. New music shows up later on GPM than other platforms. Garbage interface. Who would want this??

A light version is needed

I dunno what it is about play music but it constantly crashes on my iPad and Android TV box. They need a light version because it's the most image heavy streaming app I've used (compared to Spotify and Tidal which never crash on the same devices). But I prefer play music because it's bundled with YouTube premium and YouTube music. Stop using up all my devices memory!

CarPlay functionality needs to be improved

Please don’t make me switch to Apple Music. I can’t control GPM through Siri, and GPM also blocks Siri from working unless the music is paused in the car. CarPlay is amazing and if GPM fixes these issues, I’ll update to 5 stars immediately.

Better on android...

Coming from android, I really loved using this app (despite having an unattractive appearance). However, at the moment on iOS it’s a hot mess. Google needs to go in and fix the buggy UI and jitteriness, because other than that it does great. Come on Google, make them monthly payments worth it again.


The app will freeze and sometimes will continue play after minute or just stop working. I’m glad not the only one with same complaints. Please fix this app. I pay for the use of being able to listen to music.

iPhone X

Add song ratings for song asap

Acouple of problems

So problem one is that I can’t use an equalizer on my iPhone 6 and yet I can on my Samsung galaxy s7 and it sounds much better when I use my Samsung (I use earbuds a phone speaker I’d dog dokie) and also when I click download music it will download half of my songs and then it’s done so I don’t know if it takes like five years to download or what or if it is just my phone but would be nice if it had the same app model as android

Bad experience

I like google play music app but apple is really messing up my experience with it anymore. Randomly closing the app not playing my music all the time. As well as m downloaded music on YouTube it will buffer for a few minutes and still close out of it as well. I suggest not to update your iPhone if you don’t have a new iPhone. Bc iOS 12 is terrible on the iPhone 6 I made that mistake just don’t make the same if I were you.

AirPods Siri function glitches/freezes

When I’m listening to music google play music I cannot tap my AirPods to use Siri. It gets stuck and freezes. However, when I close google play music, I don’t seem to have that issue.


I love this app when I can’t listen to Apple Music this is what I can go to.#loving it#💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️

Not able to press back button

Back button does not work on ipad. I can pull screen down to see it but disappears after letting go

Incredibly slow/sluggish even on fast devices

Using the UI in this app is painful due to how slow and choppy it is when scrolling or responding to button presses. Very annoying.


The app hasn't been updated in months and the UI looks straight out of 1980 ( sarcasm for those who don't get it). The service is great and beats competitors by a mile but seriously needs to update it's interface! And how difficult is to bring in dark theme?

Love it

I like it update this app plz

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