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No issues, but...

iOS app is great except that I can’t access my podcasts. I haven’t had any issues with the music playing through Bluetooth, and the only time I have had Music stop is when I’m playing my library from the cloud and my internet is spotty. Anyway, podcasts are available when I use Google Play on a computer, but there is no option for podcasts on the iOS app. I don’t really understand why, but I hope Google fixes this. I have not seen any response to this issue from Google itself.

Too frustrating

I want to love this app, but it’s so buggy I just can’t. Constantly crashes and glitches out, and maxing out playlists at 1000 songs is infuriating. Had it for 2 years but finally switched to apple play.

Love this service...and app!

It took me awhile to get used to the iPhone version of this app...but the service is great! Everything I want, all the time. Just wish you could thumbs up or thumbs down from the lock screen.

App becoming less reliable with every update

Keeps crashing, keeps stopping, keeps jumbling up the playlists

Deleting songs

For some reason when I try to delete a song from a playlist it’ll glitch and then appear back in the playlist right afterwards.

Almost Perfect

I switched from Android to Apple and Im not sure I could ever leave my Google music subscription. I can download ANYTHING for offline listening, including stations! Theres no missing albums. Theres just soooo much more functionality than Apples music app, it surprised me. 3 things majorly missing are support for Apples inverted color accessibility setting (no one likes seizures), podcasts! and wheres your equalizer setting? the music stays flat, it wont use Apples equalizer, sucky. Otherwise, best subscription service hands down!

Last added

Great app but when I’m adding music to my library it won’t automatically update my last added,please fix bug .

Awesome app for music

Awesome app for music

Has potential

Honestly, you guys have the best algorithm for finding similar musicians and the ability to have radio stations based off a single song is pretty awesome, but come on guys you’re one of the largest tech companies in the world and you don’t updated your app in over 3 months. There’s more than enough bugs to warrant an update. For one, I can’t even stream from this app to my Chromecast audio. It just never works. Also for whatever reason half of my thumbs up playlist disappears mid-stream when I go from Wi-fi to LTE. I have feeling that this has to do with beef with Apple, but honestly that’s no excuse. I pay for a premium membership and seemingly simple problems like this should be fixed. Also an Apple TV app would be nice or at least have the ability to display album artwork when streaming would be appreciated.

It’s good

I love it. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact it doesn’t always play the music u want but at least u get to listen to similar songs that’s what I like about this app

Pretty good

Works great. The only thing that really pisses me off is that Im not able to delete a song from a playlist. Whenever I try, it deletes the song above or below. Please fix this nuisance.

Very mad..

All I see is stations... I cannot download any songs to a playlist or anything please help

Broke casting

The latest version broke casting from my iPhone 7 to my google Home / Home mini . Booooooo Casting still broken

Horrible app

I am using this instead of Spotify only because it is included with YouTube Red. The service/app are worse that Spotify in every conceivable way. You can’t even scroll smoothly. Somehow Google brought Android stuttery scrolling to iOS here. And why can’t I have my artists in a simple list? I don’t want massive circular pictures of every artist so scrolling and stuttering are even worse. Using this App is like being in a musical desert after Spotify. Part of me hopes they stop including this with YouTube Red so I can cancel both and get Spotify again. Apple Music made a complete mess of my personal collection, so I’ll never use that again. Amazon music’s app is even worse than this believe it or not. Update: Connection to ChromeCast Audio is also incredibly buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t for days. If the app can’t reliably offer this feature it should remove it.

Don’t click thumbs up.

Because every song you give a thumbs up will no play audio in the future.

Sluggish but overall a great app

Please fix the sluggishness of this app especially on iPad Mini 2, I understand it’s a device from 2013 but come on it’s a music app, why is it so slow? Another suggestion was to add an equalizer feature like Spotify did and this would become everyone’s favorite app.

Buggy and Rather Infuriating

Was great up until the pausing and flat out refusing the play the music started happening. Had to restart my phone several times before it stopped giving me the "cant play music because your phone has no more space" message. Even my downloaded music wouldnt play.


Worst music app I have. How they expect anyone to subscribe to this service when the app functions this incredibly poorly is beyond me. Force closes, freezes. Google, you’ve got to do better.

Does NOT Work

Have to reinstall every time I try to connect to my very expensive Google Home Max. What a pain! Didn’t pay $400 for a speaker and $15/month for this horrible experience. I expect better.


Quick and simple, easy to use. It just needs a few bug fixes. I would love to see the iPhone’s 3D Touch be put to use for this app!

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