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Fix it for iPhone X!!

Fix this app for iPhone X! Very buggy, crashes, and still not optimized. Spotify and Apple Music much better in that regard.

Buggy as hell - google doesn’t care

for some reason this app is not a priority for google. it’s been extremely buggy ever since iOS 11 rolled out and I have yet to see an update to fix the playback issues. meanwhile every other google app gets updated seemingly every other day. i used to recommend it to friends over spotify and apple music but i can no longer do that in good conscience, everyone’s better off with either of those two services. stay away from google music!


Love the features and I’ve been a member since the service was introduced, but the app has had two big bugs for awhile. 1. When music is playing and the screen times out or I leave the app, it pauses every time I re-enter the app. I have to press the pause button twice to have it resume. 2. Removing songs from playlists is impossible on this device. When I delete a song it removes the song above or below my song and not the song I selected. Doesn’t matter if I swipe to remove or choose the edit playlist option. I have both bugs on my iPad Pro and iPhone, so I do not think it is device related. Thank you.

For an app called “Play Music” it can’t even do that

Please fix this app. I have been patient with it but it keeps getting worse. My music will stop playing for seemingly any reason. I search for a different artist, it stops what’s playing. I go to a different app, it stops what’s playing. I come back into the Play Music app from doing something else, it stops what’s playing. I almost exclusively listen to music I have downloaded to the app and it still won’t play music reliably. I’ll be driving in my car with my phone plugged in and the music will just stop playing for no reason. This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to click play again fifty times during the duration of an album.

Downloads take forever

I love this app but downloading your songs to the phone takes such a long time. Its been two months and my songs still arent downloaded to the phone so I can listen to them offline!

Terrible UI

This app is so buggy and awful it’s seriously making me consider stopping my subscription. Music stops playing when I unlock my phone. Music stops playing if I add a song to my library. Added songs don’t show up in my “last added” playlist. Skips every other song almost forcing me to unlock my phone to push play then pause then play again to get a song to play. Honestly, go with Apple Music. If MOST OF MY MUSIC wasn’t saved on my phone through this app I would be done with it! Can not recommend this service to anybody.

Another review ?

ARE THEY LISTENING TO US? IM GETTING VERY ANNOYED. I MOSTLY USE BECAUSE OF YOUTUBE RED BENEFITS. I LIKE SONGZA BETTER. The same bug keeps coming back. 1st, when I delete a song from a playlist, the song doesnt delete. The song above it deletes. Then I have to re-add the song. 2nd, sometimes certain songs wont play (not offline ones). Itll play then pause and sometimes the next song wont work either. Please fix ASAP. Its not the wifi or bandwidth. Also PLEASE UPDATE THE UI AND ALBUM ART SO ITS NOT ZOOMED AND FITS INTO THE SCREEN!

Used to be great, now broken

Up until Sept this app worked beautifully. Suddenly it has become very laggy and almost any interaction makes the app stop playing music. At the same time, the app seems to have stopped releasing regular updates. Not sure whats going on but its borderline unusable.

Buggy - won’t cast and keep connection

App shows music is playing when it isn’t. Casting is a lag nightmare. Often times it doesn’t advance to the next song.

filled with bugs.

Even when you “download” a song it constantly pauses, skips, or crashes. I️ can’t believe these issues have yet to be addressed!

Buggy and old

Update for iPhone X please. I don’t want to have to switch to Apple Music :(


I love it because I get to listen to all the music I love!!!

Buggy garbage. Would go with Spotify if not for YouTube red

Even google money can’t buy you a decent app

A lot of things still to fix

Removing songs from library doesn’t work effectively Last added isn’t working anymore. Now all my songs got added to one album, this album originally had specific songs in it for specific listening. Now it seems to have every song I own in one album (over 500)

Problems have emerged

Some songs don’t allow skipping ahead or back to a part to listen again and instead start at the beginning no matter where you set the slider. It is also annoying that music/content cant be purchased, but I blame apple for that. Perhaps I’ll go back to Android.

Icredibly buggy after ios11

App became unstable and buggy after a recent ios major update. Randomly stops playing music, crashes and general lag all around.

Needs iPhone X support!!

Other than the X support it has Clean and simple music interface and tons of music and only $7.99 a month


It keeps on crashing it is not good dont get it apple is better

FIX IN iOS 11.1.1

Edit: app is not optimized for the iPhone X. SAD! Ive been with this app since the beginning, its barely usable with the new iOS and all the subsequent updates...Wont function at all with low power mode enabled.. stops playing when u switch from the app to messages and randomly stop playing. I will be asking for a refund for this month and every month after until fixed inexcusable!!

Good but I can’t subscribe

I like the app because I can listen to music at school but It will not let me subscribe on my phone. I want to be able to pay for my subscription on my phone but it’s not giving me that option.

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