Google Play Music App Reviews

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Doesn’t link account playlists across devices

Setup a great account playlist on iPad and launched app on iPhone, the account playlist was empty? Same account but different device. Very awkward interface.

Absolutely Horrible

This app is a trash fire. Whenever I open the app while music is playing it starts to glitch and will pause my music for a few seconds and then start playing again. There is a huge lag when you click on a song to play. It takes a few seconds for the app to actually start playing the music. I would never recommend this app to anyone unless they enjoy being frustrated. I’m going back to Spotify.

Not Worth It.

Every other song I try to play it says “Sorry song can’t be played right now”.

Doesn’t sync with other devices

This app doesn’t absolutely sync anything with other devices, but other devices sync back to the iOS version however. A buggy broken mess

Another garbage google app

You can’t upload from that app at all, and the features are so limited I have to wonder why it needs to be an app at all. I’m so tired of having to download a different app for every single functionality of google, particularly when they don’t seem to provide very robust features.


won’t let me open the stupid app?

Great but...

This app is great! It has enough music and features to rival Apple Music but I wish there was a lyrics menu for each song.

Good app but..

I am still having issues downloading my music. I click i that icon that looks like the pin. And it just I’m not even sure.. freezes? I wait and wait and wait on my music to download still tho nothing happens. Been having that issue for a while now. That’s really it tho on my end

Great selection.

I really like that it incorporates my music library and builds on it.


This app would not play a single song I requested and instead sent me to a radio station. Would not play my downloaded music either. Horrible app waste of space on my phone.

Ads.... REALLY?!?!

As a company that more than likely makes enough money as it is, resorting to putting Ads on an application that is more so a standalone music library player than anything is quite the slap in the face to anybody who has ever made a music purchase from Google and is using this app to access it.


Works nicely


How does this app not have an EQ??


Music cuts out constantly out of the blue and music from my playlist constantly disappear ( i can go from having over 200 songs to having 3 songs in that same playlist for no reason, i have to delete and reinstall the app every time to have my songs back) pleaseeeee fix that or im unsubscribing and I’ll stick with Spotify

Playlists problem

The fact that all playlists are private and I have to go to the full website to change this so I can share it is surprisingly annoying. Please update so that I can do this on my phone.

Not all it says it is

It’s a decent app but you can’t listen to the artist you want albums. Only one song, then it changes to another artist. I can’t browse the same genre to get more recommendation. Only the one’s they recommend playlist. Really disappointing.

UX and UI

I remember a while ago google changed the UI but still could do better besides that it does its jobs half of the time the other half I can’t lock the phone and put it in my pocket I have to keep the app open. Please fix google I believe this will be a good app for iPhone as well as android

La app no funciona

Tengo la app y la trato de utilizar en COLOMBIA y me dice que no está disponible en este momento, hay algún problema en mi país?, gracias


Everything I want it to be! Been a user since it began. Can’t wait for podcasts to be added to iOS app.

Super frustrating


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