Google Play Music App Reviews

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Really good

This a good app to use its very easy

Could make some improvements

First off I love the variety of radio stations available. This app probably has the most sub-genres compared to other apps. Audio quality is also very good. I would love to be able to download single songs and not entire albums. Sure, I could make a playlist and download it later. But I feel like thats an unnecessary extra step or two. Why not just have the download option available for each track like most other apps offer? Unfortunately, this one lacking feature is enough for me to unsubscribe to the paid service. If they offer this in the future, I might come back to this app

No podcasts???

Music part works fine but there is no podcast menu to be found??

Love it

Great app !!!

I feel terrible but it’s really only a 1 star app

The thing I like - YouTube Red and the music are one subscription and makes for tremendous value. The things I don’t - the audio over headphones and Bluetooth speakers are hollow when compared to Apple Music and sometimes even Amazon Music. The app needs to be force closed very often because it hangs. It messes with my CarPlay and also generally has my car restart it’s head unit software and Siri always gets cut short by the app. The scrolling animation very often stops half way and can’t access the back and search buttons. The ONLY way to manage your saved music is through recently added or through playlists. Can’t search your saved music - you may end up adding the same song from different collections if you had forgotten you added it a couple of months ago. Lastly, and hardly the least - I can’t have Siri pull up a song I want - this is an incredibly underrated feature especially when you’re driving.

iOS 11.3 bug

The music stops ina few seconds while working on other apps. I noticed it only since 11.3 update yesterday. I use Bose wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Great playlist, intuitive, some bugs

overall this is a really awesome music app. It is easy to navigate artist, find specific songs, or explore new genres. The family plan is great Ive been able to add my mom to it which is nice since it is not something she would normally get her self. I do have a recurring bug, my thumbs up playlist periodically will disappear, this has been an issue for a long time, not sure if it is a problem with other users.

? Awesome

Awesome app and would recommend it to everyone, it has free music.But it would be nice if you could add music that isn’t available in the search.

Needs improvement.

I like listening to the catchy and dark songs by a band known as “Gorillaz.” I had all their playlists on YouTube, but I don’t have YouTube Red, hence every time I leave safari, it stops playing music. So I searched around the App Store and found this. I hate this app. I go on, turn on a Gorillaz station, and listen to a song of theirs. A. One. After that, it plays some random song that lyric and title wise has no connection to the name of the station. For example, I’m listening to “Momentz,” the song ends, and it starts playing Hard Metal. This really annoys me. I gave this app a 3 out of 5 because even though it provides good quality music and controls, I can’t stand this probable bug.

Half-baked, rarely updated, needs an overhaul.

I love this service, and the attractive subscription model with YouTube Red. I love the fact that I can upload my library to the cloud and have it anywhere with me. Small things that get annoying: • UI needs a facelift. This real outdated layout on the Now Playing screen zooms in to fit the center of the artwork into the vertical layout of the screen. Why even display artwork at that point? The controls could use a little space, or you could add more options down there if you simply made the artwork a standard square. • Search bar is real dumb. The recent search terms that come up are titles and names I looked up once months ago. What’s the point of that? • Even if an album or playlist is offlined, the app will fail to load it in a low coverage area, or even if the app is set to Downloaded Only. Why even have the option to download or display only downloaded music if we can only sometimes access it in low coverage? Tiny little updates could make this app even better than Spotify but lack of attention to detail is holding this app back.

CarPlay needs thumb up/down

App is good on iOS. Plays music instantly. Service seems pretty good. Only complaint is that when accessing via CarPlay there is no ability to give thumbs up or down.

My Phone is on fire!!

Please optimize this app, destroys my battery life and almost too hot to touch!! Otherwise I love the service.

Love it

Just doesnt let cast it to Chromecast.

Needs Apple Watch App

I have a subscription to Google play music, have the family plan with YouTube etc... MUCH better than Apple Music 1000000x over when it comes to “bang for the buck”!!! Just need an app for the Apple watch to enjoy it like I do on the phone. I don’t even use iTunes let alone Apple Music. C’mon Google! They say it’s up to you... or is it?

Love the app, but there are a few bugs

Absolutely one of the best music apps I’ve ever had, but when I switched from android to Iphone I had a few issues. The app sometimes glitches out mid song and crashes. The main problem I’ve had is with it not saving songs to playlists. The recently added playlist doesn’t automatically save the songs after two or three days of downloading the app. The only way I can fix the issue is to uninstall the app and then re-download it for a temporary fix. Other than that the app is fantastic

Really great, but a slight problem...

I love using this app. I can listen to any music I want without paying for a subscription and pick and choose my favorites. However, whenever a song plays on one of the radios that I own in an album, no sound comes out and the radio gets stuck on the same song.


Me encanta

Some Bugs that are very annoying

It is good but when you pay $15 a month for a service that has bad bugs it is very frustrating. On some playlists when I Ty’s to change the song order it will revert back and there are some errors with downloaded music

Playlist don’t work all the time

Music radio stations are trash for hip hop and rap lol not enough songs and half the options don’t even work say unable to start. Fix this please.

Worth subscription

Comes with YouTube Red. Needs Apple Watch support

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